Friday, October 8, 2010

IIIIIIIII'm Baaaaaaack!!!!

Well, ok, I am not yet, but I will be soon. My plans for the destruction of Azeroth are nearly complete. Why am I twittering and blogging instead of wreaking havoc upon the mortals of the world? Well, all this pushing on the roof of the elemental plane has given me quite the headache, so I thought I would take a day off. I brought in my kid Doltharian to take care of the whole 'breaking through the crust' thing, and he is hammering away with the zeal that only the runt of a litter can.

Some of you might wonder why I want to destroy the world, and the answer is simple. The voices told me to. They told me I could be the big boss of the dragons if I made the dragon soul, and they were right.. for a time. I was the biggest, baddest dragon on the face of Azeroth for thousands of years. If that damned spawn of Alex didn't tell the pathetic human Rhonin how to destroy it, I would still would be! Curse you, human! You'll be the first one down the gullet when I get out of Deepholme!

Whimpers in pain Anyways... enough of getting so worked up, I need to rest for a bit. I will see you all in a couple of months, and then, THEN we will see who is the true, king of Death! Down with the Lich King, Long Live the ASPECT OF DEATH!

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